My diagnosis is that you’ve experienced a severe anxiety attack.❞ JARVIS 

I loved this scene

This was my favorite part of the movie. Even Iron Man can have panic attacks. He thinks he’s been poisoned at first. Anxiety can effect anyone

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“I’ve met men like Felix. They exist. That’s why I think it’s not fair to debase the character. I also think he’s not a gay character. He’s a character who happens to be gay. He’s also an artist, he’s a brother, he’s multi-faceted.” - Jordan Gavaris

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"I’m nothing special! I’m a temp! I’m not even that. I’m nothing!”

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Behind the scenes - Captain America: The Winter Soldier

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That’s all right honey, that’s all right with me

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- Don’t mess with the integrity of the…. Blerghhhhh blarrrhhh
- Crime scene!
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Do you love the colors of Marvel?


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Do you think you can survive for just a few minutes…without showing off?

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Happy 24th birthday to the ever so lovely, Emma Watson!

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Brilliant, Fantastic, Molto Bene, Great big universe, packed into my brain. 

Brilliant, Fantastic, Molto Bene, Great big universe, packed into my brain. 

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